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UWIDEF Launched $1.5 million Housing Grant Fund 

There are many students whose families have made the sacrifice to send them to university, most of whom are first-generation undergraduates who are unable to afford a hot meal every day, while on campus and some are unable to afford housing.


The UWIDEF launched a Housing Grant Fund through a donation of $1.5 million to the University, in order to offer accommodation grants valued at $50,000.00 each to 30 students. This is an initiative that was proposed by Executive Director, Mrs Carla Seaga in 2019. Accessible via the Office of Student Financing (OSF), the Housing Grant Fund represents a new UWIDEF initiative which will make housing assistance possible for some of the students who are eligible to reside on campus at one of the traditional UWI Halls, but who are having difficulty paying for accommodation.


In addition to the housing grants, a further $500,000.00 was provided to the Student Guild to be used for discretionary purposes.

Past President of the Guild, Christina Williams shared that the inability to pay housing fees continues to be one of the main reasons why commuting students travel or live in low rent housing in neighbouring communities.

“I was recently told a story by a student who was able to access one of the grants and will be able to move out of the community in which she resides that is currently in a gang feud. When she told me about her success, [I] was overcome with gratitude. That feeling from even one student shows that our work is not in vain”. Williams noted that “working with UWIDEF and helping students has been nothing short of an eye-opening and amazing experience. Usually, bursaries focus on tuition or even books and meals. Partnering with UWIDEF and experiencing the appreciation that students feel makes me proud of what we have accomplished. I expect it to only get better”.


UWIDEF understands that sacrifice leading to success is a given, but we also understand that many of us are successful because we were able to stand on the shoulders of the giants who held us up so we could attain the heights of success we toiled “upward through the night” to achieve. Please join us. Be a giant on whose shoulders needy students can stand and reach their dream of a higher education.

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