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The UWI Development and Endowment Fund (UWIDEF) is a non-profit organization incorporated in 1990 and has over the years been a fund-raising arm for projects that support the development of the UWI Mona Campus.

It all began when the Mona campus of the University of the West Indies was devastated by Hurricane Gilbert in 1988 and a small dedicated team of Jamaican entrepreneurs formed the Jamaican Appeal Committee. In one year, they raised enough funds to contribute significantly towards the repairs of the buildings so as to keep classes going and the University’s teaching hospital functioning. This success was continued through the formation of UWIDEF on August 20th, 1990.

The Late Hon. Sir Alister McIntyre,


Former Vice-Chancellor, UWI


It was over 30 years ago, September 1988 to be precise, when the beautiful land of Jamaica was hit by category 5 Hurricane, Gilbert. The University of the West Indies (UWI), Mona suffered significant damage, and out of this crisis was birthed the University of the West Indies Development and Endowment Fund (UWIDEF).

Conceived by the late Hon. Sir Alister McIntyre and The Hon. Dennis Lalor, OJ, these visionaries saw the need which the hurricane created and success was achieved with Public and Private Sector partners working in a collaborative effort to raise funds to restore the University.

The task of repairs to the University having been completed, there was a further desire to do more for the advancement of the Institution. Consequently, UWIDEF was officially incorporated as a Registered Charitable Organization in 1990. UWIDEF has always and will continue to support the development of UWI, ensuring that its motto remains true... “Oriens Ex Occidente Lux – A Light Rising from the West”.

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