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UWIDEF is a Registered Charitable Organization with the Department of Cooperative and Friendly Societies. This registration allows our donors to receive tax breaks from contributions to UWIDEF.In Jamaica, it is an approved charitable organization as under section 2 and section 7 of the Charities Act, 2013.

Registered Charitable Organization


UWIDEF ensures that it remains transparent and accountable to its donors and stakeholders. This is achieved by an exceptional Accounting team, responsible for the day-today accounting functions. Our accountants also provide stewardship of donors’ gifts according to established guidelines. Proper reporting is made annually to both management and donors alike. The records are constantly updated to allow for strategic planning. This also ensures thatt he systems implemented at UWIDEF are compliant with the requirements of both internal and external stakeholders.

Reporting to Donors

Statements are prepared for donors annually, bi-annually or upon request. These statements inform the donors of all funds received during the period and all payments made on the donors’ behalf.

Reporting on Scholarships
and Endowments

Scholarships and grants provided through UWIDEF are mainly in the form of a “passthrough” or from an endowment from which payments are made from interest earned. Scholarships and bursaries are managed and awarded based

on established criteria with the donors.


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